Body-off restoration: 1970 big block coupe

We did a complete body-off restoration of a 1970 big block coupe. Below you'll find step-by-step information, pictures and the latest news of the restoration process.

Restoration: yes or no?

Be warned to buy a "restored" Corvette. Often you see Corvettes which are tagged "restored" and look also very good at first sight. But checking below the shiny paint there can be found a lot of problems. Note, a professional restoration is very expensive. Beside the numerous restoration parts you will need thousands of hours to perform the work.

A perfect and complete restoration should be left to Corvette enthusiasts. It should be a hobby where money doesn't count. In general it's cheaper to buy a good restored Corvette than to perform a restoration by yourself.

However, if you can't let your hands off and you decide to perform a restoration you should consider a few important aspects. First you should check the investment rating and then you should think about rarity, availability of restoration parts and the budged.

Considering rarity, models from 1953 to 1967 are preferable. But also the first sharks (1968-1973) are a quiet tip (chrome, power, production numbers). Often models after 1967 are preferable because there is nearly every single part available you are looking for. home   last modified: So. 01.02.2004 21:11